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Gefunden: Köln-Seattle Exchange Multicache

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First of all I would like to thank my teammate in Seattle: dsvaughn and congratulations to him for being first to find. Without his help, I could not have solved the puzzle in this cache! =) But that [teaming up] was the intended idea behind these caches. So thanks again...

Second I would like to thank the two owners: FunnyNose and Thoto. Especially Thoto for helping me decrypting my handwriting. As I made the notes for the second station, I wrote in such a unclear manner (@ 05:24 AM), that I calculated the final coordinates wrong. [:O] 50 meters can make a difference! But that was my mistake.

To be fair to the other finders I made no trade, just wrote done the codes of the coins for discovering reasons. [:)]

Thanks for the cache and the great idea of teaming "world-wide". Was fun to try to "beat" the other teams...

In/Out: Nothing
Log @08:05 AM #0457 - Found it on the second try!

Best wishes

Aaaehm... jepp... FTF, too! =) [:)]

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Owner: FunnyNose and Thoto
Typ: multi
D/T: 2.5/2
Land: Deutschland
Region: NW
Koordinaten : N 50° 55.794 E 006° 58.333
Gelegt: 26.10.2008
Status: ok
Gefunden: 28.10.2008